Weber and Janex - a valuable co-operation!

Our family business has been operating in the field of production and distribution of industrial brushes for more than 100 years and is now run by the 4th generation. Webers range of products covers the plate brushes, sweeping and scrubbing devices for almost all kinds of sweeping and floor cleaning machines. Being well known as and allround producer, Weber naturally planned to further use the knowledge of and experience in the the cleaning industry and its requirements and to enhance its range of products. This is the reason why Weber signed a trade contract with Janex (a world wide market leader - number one in Skandinavia!) in 2003.   Weber sells and distributes Janex Pads form the branch in Schmolln/Thüringen in all sizes and qualities. Raw materials strictly chosen under quality aspects and superior tools used in the production process are for Weber a matter of course and a guarantee for good products.  

Standard Janex Floor Pads

The area of application of these pads varies from stripping of wax buildup to scrubbing and lastly to polishing to produce a high shine and harden the finish.

High Speed Janex Floor Pads

The speciality of these Pads is aimed at applications of high speed machines. (1000 to 3000 rpm). The variations in these pads range from cleaning to polishing uses.

New - Cobra Pads

Janex has developed a new line of floor pads - the Janex Cobra Line. The combined cleaning and polishing effect is achieved by using a very high concentration of the fine abrasive particles in the pads. The pads are extra suitable for stone floors but can also be used on other types of floors.

Outstanding features of the Janex Pads

Open weave construction

Janex special design greatly increases dirt and film absorption, while dramatically decreasing the number of passes required over the floor; exceptionally easy to clean.

Heavy-denier fibres

Janex large-diameter extra tough fibre produce pads that are far stronger, maintain their shape much longer and work harder.

Unique bonding system

The special bonding system significantly enhances strength and durability, offers superior water resistance (no water logged pads) and speeds up drying times.

Extra large abrasive particles

Superior construction allows for the use of bigger particles for more aggressive, more rapid action.

Meticulous aerodynamicx

Each pad's webbing is formed according to carefully measured aerodynamicx to assure unrivaled product uniformity and consistency.

Weber also suplies many other Opens external link in new windowbrush systems for industrial applications.